How to Get More Website Leads

How do you get leads from your website? Determine, how you go from a boring old website that points people in the right direction, to a website that will make you money while you sleep!? Let’s face it website leads are what we are after!

Below are my 5 top aspects of your website that you may have overlooked. 

  1. One of the first things you want to look at is your overall branding and ask yourself a few questions; 
  • Is my logo contemporary? 
  • Is my overall design looking a bit out-dated or dull; As a result of your analysis, do you need a design refresh? 
  • Do you need a logo refresh? 

Looking at your branding and reviewing it every 6 months is a great habit to get into. In order for your website to drive leads to you, it must reflect your business as a whole. A good, clean and consistent brand is crucial. If you decide you need a little bit of a brand revamp, …..

2. Next, we want to look at is how your website is performing as far as search engine optimization goes. Now, there are a few key variables that help your website perform well when people search your keywords. 

  • Is it ranking Google?
  • What is your domain authority?
  • How many backlinks do you have?
  • Is your website responsive? 
  • Is it mobile-friendly?  These are all things that Google will punish you for in search results if you’re not mobile friendly.
  • If your site is slow to load, it is not good. You want it to be very responsive! If your site doesn’t load very quickly when someone hits that link, your prospective customers may give up and find another site that’ll load faster and use them!

Sounds like a lot, I know. It is very simple and once all these functions are sorted out,. Your website will be running like a true Lead-Magnite Machine!

If you’ve never handled anything like this before or you’re not sure what we’re talking about, this is what we do for a living and we can help!  First thing we would do is run an SEO report to see how well your site is doing as far as search engine optimization. Once that is complete, we put together a report with suggestions that are proven to give you a result and then form a gameplan. We can walk you through the whole process or, if you have better things to worry about, we can handle it all for you!

3. What keywords you have on your site. 

  • Examine what keywords you are using.  Many times not much thought or research has been done in selecting those keywords. Therefore, it is of vital importance that you get found when people are searching for the right terms. For example, if you are a company that sells electrical products you don’t want to be found under search for just anything you want to be found when people search for the exact keyword phrases that pertain to you. For example if you sell industrial electrical supplies you specialize in large buildings and large commercial installations you don’t want to be found for lamps for someone’s home. You must research what keywords and the keywords need to be used in a proper way. Speaking of blogs, is it important that you have a Blog on your website! 

4. Are you blogging consistently about subjects that pertain to your keywords? 

5. Do you have your social media accounts connected to your website? That’s also very important and Google will penalize you if they are not. 

Here are a few closing key points that are worth considering if you really want to beef up your site and drive traffic and sales to your website:

  • Are you using any kind of landing page or funnel to drive traffic to your website? 
  • Are you using lead magnets or squeeze pages in order to get leads from your site? 
  • Do you have an estimate or quote form on your website so people can fill out the form and get an estimate directly from your site? 

 The website needs to be easy to use to navigate and you need to tell people on your site what to do if they want to do business with you. Ask co-workers and business associates to take a look at your website and give you honest feedback. Today websites need to be functional; your site must serve a purpose and act as a sales funnel. It needs to be an extension of your company. They need to act like a salesperson and walk a prospect through the sales process. 

You must analyse how your website is performing. Map out how you want your customer experience to occur once they are on your site. Once you have the steps mapped out you can then put  together a sequence of time of dates to get this accomplished. What do you want your website to do for you. Think of it becoming an active member of your team, kind of like another salesperson or marketing person. Think about functionality not what it looks like but what it can do for you and your business. That’s how I like to look at websites. They must be functional, they must pull their own weight. Think of  what you would like your website to accomplish for you. Take that into the design, take that into the copy, make it functional. Then design and build it accordingly. 

Of course this is a lot! You’re most likely busy running your business and you need help. That’s where we come in. We will help you with any or all of your website projects. We do search engine optimization, build websites that use an omni-channel marketing approach. If you would like help with your project give us a call. If you just need an opinion or an SEO report running on your website there’s no charge for that. Let us help you however we can.  When you design your website if you keep the goal in mind it makes it so much easier to build in the function that you want. Put in some work and be intentional and you will get more website leads than ever before. Here are a couple of articles to help you design your site to capture website leads. and

Why Building a Community on Instagram Will Help Your Business

Are you on Instagram? Well, you should be! According to my research, over 500 million users are on Instagram, and 70 million photos are being shared per day. I think it’s obvious that Instagram will not be joining MySpace or Vine in the social media graveyard. Instagram just recently launched a self-serve advertising platform, and that is just one of the reasons why you should jump on the Insta train.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms

Instagram Is Popular

Next to Facebook, Instagram is the next most popular social media platform today. If people are not on Facebook, they’re on Instagram. It’s one of those apps that are on the front page of your smartphone. With the amount of people browsing through pictures of food, friends on vacation, and advertisements, your business will definitely be seen.

There are endless possibilities to get creative on Instagram


There are endless creativity possibilities on Instagram. You can record videos, upload or take pictures, and make them look stunning with the available filters. You could upload pictures of your building, products you are selling, or even an advertisement. For example, a lot of real estate agents will upload a picture of a beautiful house to show examples of the real estate they’re representing. There is so much you can do to attract attention to your Instagram page.

It's important to have followers on Instagram


The more followers you have, the better. Your followers will promote your page for you. They act as “word of mouth” advertising. If you put something on your page that your followers like, chances are, they’ll tag their friends in the comments or share your post directly and tag you. The more likes, comments, and shares the better.

Being at the top for SEO purposes is important

SEO Rankings

Ranking high on search engines will make a difference for your business. The goal is to be in the top 3 rankings and this can be done if your online reputation is off the charts. In addition to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, add Instagram. The comments, followers, hashtags, and likes will add up.

It's important to go above and beyond your competition on Instagram

Brands Are Taking Over

90% of brands and companies now have Instagram accounts. You don’t want to be the only one left without an account. Your competition is probably on there posting and hashtagging away. The Instagram community continues to click those hashtags and eventually follow those accounts. Don’t lose those followers because you don’t have an Instagram page. Sign up!

Sneak peeks on Instagram are always fun for the Instagram community

Sneak Peeks

Instagram allows you to bring your customers and followers backstage. Do you have new products that you are about to release? Give your followers a sneak peek. Show them what you’re about to release and it’ll get them excited. They’ll comment, like, and share, and will wait with anticipation for that big release. You don’t have to have a new product to bring your followers backstage; maybe your company is going to a convention? Show your followers what your booth looks like, where it’s located and what you’re going to be doing at the convention. Again, they will be excited. Keep them engaged. Doing so will humanize your brand and build trust between you and your target audience.

Your followers should always be engaged in your posts

Instagram Audience Remains Engaged

Speaking of keeping your followers engaged: Instagram is the social media platform to do that. Facebook is still the most popular social media source out there today. However, followers are more likely to engage and share content on Instagram. All of the top brands are seeing a 4.21% engagement rate on Instagram, and because of that, Instagram has been named the king, or queen, of engagement on social media.