5 Reasons Why Lists Work


Have you ever clicked on an interesting headline and it brought you to a super long, wordy article? Those can be a bit too much on the brain, especially when you just want to find out what the article is all. Fortunately, lists are becoming more and more popular these days. So why do they work?

Lists are the most convenient articles.

They’re Convenient

Lists are short, sweet, and concise. The headline and short paragraphs give you exactly what you need when reading an article. Most people prefer to read lists over long articles, and because of that, the lists will get more shares and likes on social media. If your company has a blog, lists are going to be your best bet and the most convenient.

Lists allow you to make your post as creative as you want it to be with pictures and other types of media

They Get Creative

Lists allow you to show your creative side. You can add pictures, memes, videos, and more to these articles. The media separates each subcategory or thoughts within your blog. It’s a nice break between words to see either an artistic piece of media or fun-loving piece. It also gives the list a personality.

Lists make it easier for the reader to skim through the content and not miss anything

Skim Content

Not everyone wants to read a full article word for word. Long wordy articles make it tough to skim, seeing as you’ll probably miss something. Lists make it so much easier to skim. You see the highlighted subjects for each paragraph, and if there’s a topic you would rather skip, you can do that. For example, you’re reading this list now. If you don’t care about why lists are creative, just skip over or skim through the “They Get Creative” paragraph, and you can continue onto things you’d rather read word for word.

Lists are organized so it is easy to read and nice to look at


There’s nothing worse than an article that jumps all over the place. Thankfully, lists supply organization. Each topic is separated by a sub-headline and or picture. It separates thoughts in ways that keep readers engaged and interested. It’s also just nice to see the organization on screen. When you click on a list, you’ll see a headline, paragraphs, pictures, and any other kind of media. It looks like a clean layout itching to be read.

The number in the list headline provides a promise to your readers

They Promise Readers

Once a reader sees the number in a headline, it is both enticing and gives the reader a sense of comfort knowing there will only be “5” of whatever the article is about. If the article says 5 Reasons Why, you know you’re only going to get 5 reasons worth of reading. Specifying that number in the headline makes it more appealing and, in turn, gets more clicks.

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