We make landscape analysis happen.

Do you have ideas for your website or business? Before you set those ideas in motion, you need to develop their strategic direction. The big bad innovation challenge can be difficult if you don’t have a clear understanding of the current market and what the target audience wants. This is where a landscape analysis comes in.

A competitive landscape analysis helps businesses identify their primary online and offline competitors. Your landscape analysis could start with an attempt to fully understand your competitors, as well as identifying their strengths and weaknesses.ngths and weaknesses. It will also show you how your business can improve based on what you’re competitors are doing.

Fortunately, the team at Digital Arts is an expert in competitive landscape analysis. You can rely on us to provide you the clear, concise insight you need to know about the competition. After we’ve sat down with you and grasped what your business is all about, we craft a landscape analysis that allows you to see areas for improvement, actions to stop immediately, and tactics to keep executing or novel approaches to explore implementing. In the analysis, we include your project challenges, plans, existing business or portfolio reviews, category outlooks, consumer hypotheses, trends, and more.
The consumer hypothesis is of the utmost importance. This section outlines who is buying on specific days, who the target is, if there are under- or over-met needs, potential tensions, pain points and problems, and more in-depth information that facilitates our collaboration to find the best methods to set your business apart in the market.

We show you the competitive landscape keeping your business objectives as the central focal point. Although it’s not the answer to everything, having a comprehensive understanding of the universe of competitors in your industry provides the guidelines execute optimal business performance. By making you aware of what's out there, you are best equipped to box out the competition and anticipate next steps for growth opportunities.

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