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We create beautiful and well-executed events.

We help companies promote their events with brilliant event graphics, signage and promotional items. Contact us to help with your next event. Whether it is a trade show, community event or company meeting, let us help. We can design the graphics and produce them for you. Let us help you!

Our Creative Process

Design strategy

Determine the requirements

We work with you to determine the strategic and functional requirements of the website. Your website is usually the first customer facing representation that your prospects will see. It must function as part of your overall marketing strategy to be of its maximum value.

Initial interface design

We design the homepage first

The first thing that you will see is the homepage design. This is of utmost importance because your branding and the navigation of the site is determined at this phase. We will come up with a couple of ideas based on the information we have received from our discussions with you. After the design is agreed upon, it is time for content and the build.

Content is added

Assembling the text and images

Once the design is in place, it is time to build the rest of the pages. We rely on our clients to supply us with copy and photos they would like to use on the pages. We will supply a list of content that is needed. Once that is received, we format the copy and put the images on the site. As the pages are built out, we will send you proofs to approve as we go.

Corrections and revisions

Adjustments / revisions are made

Invariably as you see your site fleshed out, there will be changes to the copy, layout and design. We work closely with you to make the changes you would like to be made. We will gladly make the changes and send you new pages to proof. This is part of the process to deliver the exact site that you want.


Testing your site for functionality

Once the site is built it is time to test it. There are a number of browsers to test with and they all have their quirks. We test multiple browsers on multiple platforms. We test on different phones and tablets too. We make any adjustments that are necessary to make sure your site displays properly on all browsers and platforms. Once the testing is complete, it is time to deploy.

Launch day

We go live!

Your site is built, tested and is ready to go live. We deploy and set up a backup schedule for your site. We are glad to host on our servers or host on your preferred hosting platform. Either way is fine. Just let us know. Once deployed your site is live!

We provide a wide array of design & marketing services

Websites are just one of the many areas in which we can help you with your marketing, both online and offline. Please check out the rest of our marketing services. Our services work in hand in hand to attract new prospects for your business and to keep your current clients coming back. We integrate all of our services with your marketing strategy to support your goals. Your website is the cornerstone of your marketing strategy.

Digital marketing services

Best campaign creation

At the heart of your online marketing strategy is your campaign. Campaigns act as lines in the water to attract prospective students and parents. Quality campaigns are the bedrock of your digital marketing.

Customer experience

Creating the best user experience

We’ve all had bad experiences with both online and offline activities. We strive to give your customers, clients and prospects the best experience possible. We put ourselves in their shoes and look at our programs from their perspective to ensure we see this from their perspective.

Our tools

Innovative technology

We use the very latest technology to reach your audience with. Our systems are second to none and we use every ounce of technical advantage we can on your behalf. Our tools include the best tech and we invest regularly in upgrades, training and implementation of state of the art tech.


Strategic thinking

Your campaign will not perform at the highest level possible if the parts and cobbled together as individual pieces instead of being part of an integrated well orchestrated campaign. Each piece and part must augment and support the others and be a part of the whole strategy. We design your campaign strategically and holistically. Online and offline tools are used to achieve the end goal.


Conducting research

We conduct market research both in your location and nationally. It is important that we understand your particular market and what is happening nationally as well. The more we understand your particular market and segment the better we can help you.


Give me the data

You will have access to all communication to and from your prospects and clients through our channels using our DacMagic platform. You won’t have to log in to multiple interfaces to see what is happening. One log in, one interface for all of your communications. We will send you monthly reports on your ad accounts and campaigns as well.


Decorating workspaces

We can help you create the environment in your office that reinforces your vision and mission. Your staff will be on the same page as your management with your vision and mission are reinforced throughout your company. We do this with signage, wall murals and staff recognition graphics.

Targeting and retargeting

Understanding your clients

The better we understand your clients and prospects, the more accurately we can target them for you. We will work with you to understand what the demographics are and what the best way is to reach them. With this information we can be laser focused on generating the right leads for your business.


Working with us

You will have direct access to our team. We are here when you need us. We will set up a Trello board and a Slack channel for your project. That way there is one central place for project communication and Kanban style project management. You will know what is going on at a glance.