We make logos & iconography happen.

Creativity drives logo and iconography designs. Symbols, icons, and logos are recognizable to your clients and work for a global audience. Everyone around the world recognizes pictures, icons, and symbols. It’s a universal form of branding and communication that transcends language barriers.

Logo & iconography design is recognized when written or spoken words aren't. Today, you see many websites with the Facebook logo, Twitter logo, Pinterest, and others and you know what each of them means. Clicking on those icons will take you to the site’s pages on those social networks. It works the same with including your logo on your business card or other pieces of marketing collateral because people can correlate the images with your brand overall.

Our creative team replaces unnecessary words with unique, yet easily understood icons that will modernize your website for an updated, clean aesthetic. We will add icons when space requires them, to communicate status, or to help differentiate objects in a list. Icons generally represent objects, tools, actions, or results. We’ll place them where they belong to draw the eye and keep your viewer interested.
Our skilled designers go above-and-beyond the typical icons, like an envelope or message bubble for a “Contact Me” call-to-action. You tell us your vision. Our team brings it to life from scratch, so that what you're left with is something truly unique to your brand. Your message bubble might be different colors or shades of colors, the sizes can be different, and even what is inside of the bubble can represent something new. Whatever you desire, we can make your own.

If you think of your company's brand like a book, the icons are the chapter names and the logo is what everyone remembers - the title. It’s crucial to have your own unique logo that will stand out on the Internet, on brochures, business cards, and even on pens. A professional, yet eye-catching logo will set your business apart from your competition. Our creative team will design the perfect logo for your specific business, so you can proudly display it to current and future clients.

Contact us today to find out how we can make your logo and iconography work for you.