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Our Team

Founder, Marketing Lead

Robert Vernon

Robert will discuss the goals and objectives of your campaign with your school’s team. After learning about your schools desired outcomes, Robert will work with our team to design the perfect campaign for your school. We not only use digital marketing methods but Robert will also combine digital with offline marketing to make sure that your prospects learn about your school. Once your campaign is designed, it is time for design and implementation.

Senior Designer
Senior Designer, Web and Print

William Waggoner

Will is in charge of designing your school’s website. He ensures that your website reflects your school’s history, brand and vision, in addition it needs to be functional. Your website needs to be an integral part of your marketing and at the same time, the gateway to your school’s online presence. We work hand in hand with your team to deliver the perfect website for your school. Will also designs the print collateral that will accompany your campaigns.

Director of Digital Marketing
Director of Digital Marketing

Casey Thrash Moore

Casey designs and builds your online campaigns that will result in lead generation and new students for your school. Casey uses the latest technology and digital marketing strategies to attract and convert prospective students for your school. She uses all available channels to reach prospective parents and students. This includes marketing funnels, omni channel campaigns, offline marketing such as targeting mailings as well as Google and Facebook ads. You will have access to all communication that is generated by your campaign through our DacMagic portal.

Head of Client Experience

Claire Collier

Claire makes sure that our client's experience with the School Marketing Agency meets or exceeds their expectations. Claire has been with our company for over 4 years and it is her goal that our customers are satisfied. She keeps things on track and helps with our team's communication and scheduling. She has a can do attitude and can be counted on to help our customers with their questions and requests.